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Claims Make Everyone’s Insurance Cost Increase

Posted on January 7, 2019 in Uncategorized

Advertisements will leap out at you whether you are driving past a billboard, looking in the phone book or newspaper, or even when you are watching your television. We’ll help you, no matter your accident, be it car crash, whiplash or other injury! Look in the phone book, and you’ll see many pages splashed with the firm’s red headlines, photos of injured victims heading to the ambulance, and free help until the claim is won. Certain promotions actually boast the ability to provide financial advances against potential damage awards or settlements.

An insurance group has gone on record with its belief that hard-nosed advertisements placed by plaintiff’s attorneys have caused massive escalations in the cost of damage claims. This is result in some motorists not even getting coverage due to the increases. A region service manager for the bureau sees little vehicle damage, but victims that claim overgrown awards. Some are even winning these claims. While the insurance industry as a whole believes in paying for injuries received in an accident, this bureau agent says that the expectations of consumers have gone to extremes.

Each company has seen its premiums increase due to the rise in claim costs in a varying manner. If you are a good driving risk, you will see an increase from fifteen to thirty-five percent. If you have been involved in an accident or have received a ticket in the last few years, the increase you will see is going to be even greater than that.

Attorneys deny the allegation that their advertisements have caused a rise in insurance claim expenses. A particular attorney stated that he cannot fathom the link made by the insurance industry group between claim totals and law firm promotional materials. A person who has a valid claim against a third party driver should definitely be entitled to a claim against them. However, bar authorities are pondering whether it is ethically appropriate for attorneys to offer financial advances to plaintiffs they are representing.

One lawyer agrees that there is a proliferation of advertising by personal injury lawyers and that this may actually increase the number of claims filed. However, he doesn’t see the issue inherent in that strategy. It is too bad that the the insurance bureau just assumes it is negative for lawyers to let people know their rights, and that people then act on those rights. He notes that insurance costs are increasing and that the system could be improved. He also says the insurance industry isn’t willing to work with his association to make the needed changes.

Looking into accident prevention, as a means of reducing claim costs, is the suggestion of the President of the Bar Association. The industry lobbying government to raise fines for photo radar or bans on cell phone use while driving, is not being heard of by him. Why steps are not being taken to prevent accidents entirely, on the road and otherwise, is being thought about by him as well. He also mentioned the fact that as a whole, the insurance industry has suffered huge losses in investments, and that this has lead to smaller profit margins.

Insurance is lobbying hard for legislation that would stop motorists from ‘double dipping’. Certain claimants seek awards for lost wages in situations where they have already received compensation under their existing employee benefit coverage. What makes things worse is the fact that some awards are given for gross wages lost. The employee has no reason to go back to work. You’ll make more money if you are out of work for a longer time.

Few lawyers have a good inkling of the number of injury accident lawyers are practicing today, but they don’t think additional places for these lawsuits exist. The majority, actually, permit damage claims that are based on pain and suffering, but in certain jurisdictions, injuries need to be substantial and long-lasting. While the insurance industry blames personal industry advertising for the increase in claims, it may be the opposite that is true. There is no reason the lawyer can’t pay for the costs of the suit until the claimant is awarded a settlement. There is also nothing wrong with the lawyer offering to pay for everything if the suit is lost.